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I can remove the photo of the right sidebar on blog


  • Erika Llanes started the conversation


    1 .-I tried to remove the photo and put another one in the sidebar of the right side.

    2.-I can't change the information it is in Contact at the top of the page, exactly below "Contact" and is the same in the "About" page.

    Can you say me how to do that please?

    Looking forward to heat back from you!

    Thank you 



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    George replied

    Hi Erika,

    1. To change about me picture, please follow this instructions:

    -Please go to Appearance -> Widgets and add "Widget - About me" to the "Blog Widget Area".

    -Remove "Image Header" link from the widget.

    • Go to Media -> Add New -> upload the desired picture for the avatar. After upload the picture click on it and copy URL.
    • Go to Appearance -> Widgets and paste the copied link to About me widget -> Avatar field.

    2. If you want to change page description please click on the Screen Options (top right) when edit the page -> check "Excerpt" option -> scroll down until the "Excerpt" section and from here you can change or remove page description.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,